Let's say it together: Choosing a bad web host, can be the the simple decision, right at the beginning of your online empire, that sinks you. Here are the most important things to look for when you're either just starting out, or when you're ready to expand.

Choose the best web host for my online business

No matter what your offline business is, your online business needs to reflect your expertise, professionalism, and ability.

As search engines and the web mature, and cotton on to the techniques to rank higher with less actual business prowess behind the web presence, the only solution is to become more real in your business, and more real on your website.

There is a symbiotic relationship between someone who sells their time, and their website which manages their appointments and meetings for them.  You want that symbiotic relationship between yourself, and your website.  

This also implies that your site will never be inaccessible, and never be slow.

Let's look at the influence of a web host choice, on your business success.


The questions to ask... so you don't get burnt

Select a web administrator, who runs a dedicated server, and grasps DNS, e-Mail, DKIM, SPF, DMARC and SSL. Yes - your web admin needs to be enough of an all-rounder, to really understand the security implications of hosting a site, and hosting email on their server.

Make sure you get all the functionality you need, INCLUDED in your hosting price - not as additional line items every time you ask them for additional PHP Extensions, or additional databases, or even a backup or restore task.

While you can get cheap hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it's important that you see through that offer, and know that in a server farm with standard settings and standard features, a balance is struck between ease-of-administration by junior admins, and least-complicated-configuration for non-technical end users.

If you are in the position to choose, pick a server administrator who manages a VPS for only the domains they build, and maintain. This way, you'll get dedicated service from your technical staff, and tighter security on your server.

Bigger isn't necessarily better!

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The bare minimum shouldn't be the norm - find out what's the standard offer.

Check with your administrator if they will allow you free SSL Certificates on your domains.  In fact, hear if this is a free service they render to all their clients!  If it isn't, you're not getting value.


SSL Certificates, or the S in https://, means that communication from your site, to someone's browser, is secure.  

This not only adds clout to your site, but also tips Google off that you're taking responsibility for the content on your site, and for the information collected on your site.

In the light of new legislation, this is extremely important to add to your online presence as a base requirement.

Backups can't be run weekly, and can't be your responsibility either

Backups.  They're your friend.

They are more important than you think!

Make sure that your host offers daily backups, of all your site content, but also of their server configuration itself.  This way - you know your site will be up and running without delay if catrastophe hits.

Also find out whose responsibility it will be if the site gets hacked, or if a virus spreads through the server via email, or if there's a malicious attack against the server.

You want a server administrator who is able to get your server back up on a different machine, within 2 to 3 hours if everything fails dismally - but who won't start billing you the moment they have to start work on a technical issue.

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Pajamapreneur Hosting includes your Free SSL Certificate, daily updates to Wordpress and plugins, as well as daily backups of your entire account.

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Wordpress Hosting, Website optimization and SEO

Wordpress hosting isn't a tricky, specialized function at all.  Wordpress is arguably the most used Content Management System, and its scalability is unprecedented.

Positioning your Wordpress site to help you do great business, is the job of your web host, and of your SEO team.

Your SEO team, will not only run the content creation of your website, but will also help with your Social Media Presence.

Find people who are able to help you with keyword research, and who are willing to investigate what your competitors are doing.

The race for clients as competitive online, as offline.

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